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Stepping stones and other Concrete Garden Art, Cascade Blackberry Plants, Dahlia Tubers and Beautiful Designer Plates!

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Christine Lien

429 Hooper Rd.

Longview, WA  98632

(360) 636-1790



One of my goals this spring is to make more new concrete molds and pour them for summer so you will have new items to choose from.  I have many new masters to use for them and will post here when they are ready for purchase.

I also have several great, new, commercial size stepping stones and a few new pet memorials.  Some I have made already.  Let me know if you are interested.  


Cascade Blackberry Plants


Hard to find old time variety.  Tastes just like the Pacific NW small wild blackberry and has the same small seed, but the berries are much larger!


I have many plants in stock at this time. You can pick them up at my house or I can mail them when dormant in February and part of March.


I will also bring them to the Saturday Farmer's Market, mid-April through June (if it's not raining). Please call ahead if you want several plants and I will bring them for you.

All plants are in gallon pots.


1 year old plants are $10.00

2 year old, larger rooted plants, are $15.00.





Please see the Cascade Blackberry page for more info. 



Taylor Raspberry Plants

$10.00 (in gallon pots)

One year old plants.

An old time cultivar that can' be beat for taste!

Please let me know if you would like plants and I will hold them for you as I have a limited number.

Please see the Taylor Raspberry page for more info.

Shuksan Strawberry Plants

$1.00 each bareroot - $1.50 each potted.

The Shuksan, a mid-season, short day (June bearing) strawberry, has large, glossy bright-red fruit with a firm meaty flesh and great flavor. It is good for fresh eating and excellent for freezing. 

The plant is large and very vigorous and produces runners freely.  Shuksan is winter hardy and tolerates alkaline soils better than any other variety.

This variety is recommended for the colder areas of the Pacific Northwest.  A later bloom time protects the fruit from late frosts. The Shuksan is virus-tolerant and Red Stele-resistant.  It starts producing heavily in the second year.

Please see the Shuksan Strawberry page for more info.


Concrete Stepping Stones


I am now hand painting the designs on many of my stepping stones. I use high quality concrete floor stains, paints and sealers so they are meant to be walked on.  I also make them with just a sealer for those that don't want color added.






I'm also using a concrete lacquer to bring out the pattern on some of the stepping stones.




Please see the "Stepping Stones" page for more steppings stones and other concrete lawn and garden art.




For all you Seattle Seahawks Fans!

Go Hawks!



Please see the "Seahawks" page for more patterns and colors.

I make over 500 different plate designs, including:
 "Wine and Cheese," "Hot Rods and Classic Cars,"  "Beach, Kites & Fishing,"  "Seattle Seahawks," Floral, Critters, Christmas, Food, Novelty, Patriotic, and even"Marijuana" for those of you that requested it!

They make wonderful decorative, wall and shelf displays and can also be used for food.  

Always a welcome gift, especially if you add cookies!

A bottle of wine, along with a wine or cheese plate, is perfect for the wine lover.








Please see the " Plates by Design" pages for pattern choices.



   Thank you to all my customers for your business!  It is especially nice to see my repeat customers and to hear how much you, and those you give them to, are still enjoying the items you purchased in prior years.



Along with many different Stepping Stones, I also have a large variety of other small, outdoor concrete items.  Many include a Christian message.


Items include "welcome" plaques and stones, decorative plaques, edgings, small animals, tiles, bricks with animals or flowers on them, novelty "face" rocks, rocks with words, flowers or critters, novelty plaques, 12" to 16" bird baths and feeders, small pedestals, memorial stones (for both critters and loved ones), military stones, and "Find The Cure" stones and plaques.


   I also make leaf casts from actual leaves.  The largest leaf cast I've made has 200 pounds of Quikrete in it and is "plumbed" so it can be made into a large fountain or birdbath.


If you would like to see it, give me a call for an appointment to see it.  360-636-1790




"Find the Cure" Plates and Concrete



Please see the Find the Cure page for more designs.  Click on "Plates by Design" from the menu at left.


I have several different items with the "ribbon" on them.  I can paint the ribbon to match the condition it represents.



Spring Venues

"Farmer's Market - Earth Day"


April __, 2017 - Saturday

I will be at the Cowlitz County Expo Center for "Earth Day" (if it isn't supposed to rain.)  

We will be in the fairground complex, not in the field across from it where we usually set up.  We open at 9:00 am. and will be there until 3:30 pm.

I will have Cascade Blackberry and Taylor Raspberry plants for sale, along with some stepping stones and other concrete items, and a few beautiful glass plates.

"Cowlitz Community Farmer's Market"


April through June, if it isn't going to rain.

Located across the street from the Expo Center on 7th (the Fairgrounds).

Open 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

If you have something you would like me to bring, please call by Thursday.  636-1790

Summer Venue

"Art in the Park"

Saturday, September , 201 

At Lake Sacajawea Park, Hemlock Plaza (off Kessler)

Longview, WA  98632

10:00 -5:00


Christmas Bazaars in November and December


"Toy Soldier Bazaar"

at the Cowlitz Expo Center (Fairgrounds)

1900 7th Ave., Longview, WA

November __, 2017

from 9:00 - 4:00



"Christmas At The Canterbury"

at Canterbury Inn

1324 3rd Ave., Longview, WA

November __, 2017
from 9:00 - 4:00

Kelso Bridge Market Bazaar

November __, 2017

Expo Center (fairgrounds)

9:00 - 4:00



The Winter Wonderland Bazaar"

at Somerset Retirement Community

2025 Tibbetts Drive, Longview, WA

November __, 2017

from 9:00 - 3:00


"Handcrafted Holiday Bazaar"

at the McClelland Center

951 Delaware St., Longview, WA

December __, 2017

from 10:00 to 3:00

I also sell from home year round!